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Fig 1.0 Bitcrusher Module Diagram

The Bitcrusher Module allows you to reduce the sample rate and bit depth of a signal.


Working with the Bitcrusher Module

When to Use a Bitcrusher

Although bitcrushing is a technique which involves lowering the fidelity of a signal, there are many high-fidelity uses for a bitcrusher, which are very popular in contemporary electronic music.

The most obvious technique is to lower the bit depth and sample rate of a signal until it represents a sound from an old 8-bit video game, which is a decidedly low fidelity usage.

Another useful technique is to lower the sample rate of a signal by a very minute amount. This will add character to the signal, along with a strong high frequency component which can cut right through a mix. This technique will often be heard on lead synths, layered with basslines, and even placed on backing vocals.

Finally, the bitdepth parameter can be used to completely decimate a signal. This makes a harsh sound, which can sometimes be heard on transitions or noisy sound effects.

Connecting the Bitcrusher Module

The Bitcrusher Module provides two typical AudioGL audio connections, which follow typical audio connection rules.

The Bitcrusher Module can be used in Feedback Loops, as described in the Connections article.


Parameter Range Description
Samp Divider
0 to 105

This parameter lowers the sample rate of the signal. When this parameter, along with the 'Divider Fine' parameter, are set to '0', the signal will be unmodified. Raising the parameter's value will cause the sample rate to be divided to a lower value.

Divider Fine
-10 to 10

This parameter allows you to fine tune the 'Samp Divider' parameter. The value of this parameter will simply be added to the set value of the 'Samp Divider' parameter.

0 to 1

This parameter lowers the bit depth of the signal. When set to a value of '1', the signal will be unmodified (32 bit). When lowering the value, the bit depth will progressively be lowered, until a level of 1 bit is reached.

0 to 1

This parameter controls how much of the bitcrushed signal is sent to the output of the Bitcrusher Module. When set to '1', the signal will be fully bitcrushed, when set to '0', the bitcrusher will have no effect on the signal.

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