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Fig 1.0 Sampler Module Diagram

The Sampler Module allows you to load up Samples and play them, when connected to a Sequencer Module.


Working with the Sampler Module

The Sampler Module is a basic Wave playback device. It accepts Samples with a 44.1khz Sampling Rate, and 16-bit bitdepth (More bitdepths and sampling rates will be added soon). The Sampler allows the user to load an individual sample into each MIDI key. As such, each Sampler Module can load up to 127 samples.

Connecting the Sampler Module

The green input is a sequencer input, which must be routed to a Sequencer Module or an Envelope Module. The Sampler's output is a typical AudioGL audio output.


The sampler module has no Parameters at this time. Pitch shifting and sample reversing capabilities will be added in the future.

Module Specific Options

Fig 3.0 Sampler Module Options

Option Name Description

This text box selects which MIDI key a sample will be loaded into.

Load Sample into Key

This button opens a File Dialog where the user can select the wave file to be loaded. When a sample is clicked in the File Dialog, it will be previewed.

If the user opens a Wave file, it will be placed into the Key selected in the Key text box.

Prior to playback, the Sampler must be connected to a Sequencer Module. The Sample can then be played using the Piano Roll in the Sequencer Module, or by using a MIDI keyboard.

Unload Sample from Key

If a Sample is loaded into the Key selected in the Key text box, then this button will unload the Sample from that key.

It is not necessary to unload a Sample prior to loading a new one. The original Sample will be replaced, should the user load a new Sample into a Key which already contains one.

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