My brother is a double-faced person

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My brother is a double-faced person

Postby gfgfgfgfgfgf5 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 3:48 am

My brother is a double-faced person, an image outside, an image at home, and things that make people laugh and cry.olite facentie is good" "Uncle is good"... When the New Year comes to other people's homes, the younger brother's mouth first eats honey as sweet. "Hey, wouldn't you have to engage in mischief again?" I asked whispered. "It��s not awkward, I��m not the kind of ��smile in the knife��.�� The younger brother shouted dissatisfiedly while eating chocolate. "Uncle and aunt, I went out to play, bye bye." "Gentleman" brother went vil face home, it is not too much to put on the title of "small ghost" and "destroy the king" on his (brother), but he is cheaper. the cousin bought the toy car for you." I handed the toy car to the younger brother who danced happily. Unexpectedly, the next day, in front of us is a pile of parts. "Who did it? Stand up and dare to break it like this!" The mother was so angry that she could barely speak. "My" brother shouted. "How did you fall into this?" Mom asked her brother. "But I obviously took care of it." The younger brother's words made us amused, and smiled and hurt.metimes he will be evil and I will be criticized and will be hiding. "Sister, I am back." Worse, my brother is back, I don't know how he will ruin me this time. If I were an angel, then I only have one wing because I lost the most important thing in my life.ter the final exam of that year, my good friend and I were on the way home. He was a bit abnormal. Usually, he chatted with me, but now he has no voice at all. I asked him: "Do you have something? You told me, I will help you share your worries." But he was still shrouded in a dark atmosphere. It��s been a long time. He only said: "I - may go to other schools." A gust of wind passed, and the tree played a wonderful sound Marlboro Lights. I thought, "I want to go to other schools? This is impossible Marlboro Red 100S. We are a good friend who can't move Marlboro Cigarettes Price. How can we say that they are separated separately. He is joking." So I said, "Oh, then go." As the voice just fell Newport Cigarettes, he shook his head and was more frustrated than before.ter that, I was even more shocked - he said with tears: "That's goodbye, friend." Then he ran a big that time, I was confused, why did he want to say this? Why do you want to run? These problems have always appeared in my mind Marlboro Menthol 100S. Later, I realized.e really went to other schools. I really regret it. If I believe what he said, persuade, maybe I can defend this friendship. this way, I lost this "wing".
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Re: My brother is a double-faced person

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