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BRUSSELS, June 14 (Xinhua) -- NATO defence ministers on Tuesday agreed to deploy four multinational battalions to the Baltic states and Poland, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced at a press conference following the ministerial meeting.

""I welcomed the commitments made by many Allies today to contribute,"" said Stoltenberg, without confirming the overall size, the scope and the composition of the force to be sent.

He stressed that this sends a clear message that if any Ally is attacked, the whole Alliance will respond as one.

The battalions will under NATO command and be deployed on a rotational basis.

Increasing its presence in the Baltic region is one element of a more comprehensive adaptation of NATO deterrence and defence in light of the Ukraine crisis.

Stoltenberg said NATO has now fully implemented the Readiness Action Plan aiming to strengthen the bloc's collective defense, adopted at the Wales Summit two years ago. Today, he added, Allies are taking the next steps.

He stressed that NATO's defence and deterrence posture is full-spectrum, including conventional capabilities and nuclear dimension.

NATO ministers also agreed to recognise cyberspace as an operational domain at the Warsaw Summit.

Noting that NATO's efforts to boost its deterrence and defence depend on the right capabilities and resources, Stoltenberg underlined that, after many years of constant cuts in defence spending, the Alliance is now back on the right track.

""In 2015 we saw a small increase in defence spending across European Allies and Canada. And our estimates indicate a further increase in defence spending in 2016,"" he said.

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Scottish Wedding Invitations

If you are thinking of having a traditional Scottish wedding you will want everything that goes with it. People tend to associate Scottish weddings with historic castles Wholesale Oklahoma City Thunder Jerseys , beautiful scenery, country dancing and some scotch whisky. But as well as getting your bagpipes and Scottish thistles in place you will also want to get some Scottish Wedding Invitations so that people can idea and feel of your wedding theme before it all takes place. You may be stuck for ideas for a Scottish wedding invitation so here are some of our top ideas to give your wedding invite that traditional Scottish flavour.

1. Scottish Thistle Wedding Invitation
Nothing quite bears the mark of Scotland like the Scottish thistle. So having this embellished on an invitation is the perfect to let your guests know that they are in for a traditional Scottish wedding and all the festivities that go with it. Having the thistle blend in as a background image is a good way to colour the invite without interfering with the text too much.

2. Tartan Wedding Invite
This must be the most obvious choice for a Scottish wedding invitation as tartan has its roots deep within Scottish history and tradition. Having the entire card in tartan might be a bit over the top so having a tartan border around the outside may be a lot more fitting. The great thing with tartan is that there are so many different styles Wholesale Orlando Magic Jerseys , colours and patterns to choose from. You can even look up your family surname and find out if you have your own family tartan that could be put on the invite to personalise things a little bit more.

3. Scottish Castle Wedding Invitation
If you want an invite that is unique and Scottish then having a Scottish castle on the invite is a great way to get your wedding cards to stand out. Having a landmark building such as Edinburgh Castle on your design will add a real feel of Scotland with all its heritage and history. Having an outline border of the castle on a matt card with a slight texture such as linen will look really elegant. Finding the right artwork for the castle will be a lot more effective than just sticking a photo of a castle that looks odd. You want the castle to blend in with the invite and add to the Scottish effect.

4. Celtic Wedding Invitation
Celtic wedding invitations are great and have a really traditional feel to them for that classic look. Most good wedding retailers will offer Celtic wedding invites in a wide rane of styles and wonderful patterns.

5. Scottish Hillside
If you are keen hill walker and love the great outdoors then you may want to capture this into your wedding invites. You may some images of the hillside pub where you and your partner first met. Images from Ben Nevis are another popular choice as it has some of the best views out across Scotland and capturing this on your invite is the perfect way to add some of Scotland锟絪 beauty to your invitation.

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